1706 Karen Ave

5 BEDs | 4 BATHs |  3502 SQFT

Unparalleled Quality in a Prime Location

1706 Karen Ave | 5 BEDS | 4 BATHS | 3502 SQFT

Close to where you shop, where you work, and where you play, this premier property centrally located in Brentwood is within 10 minutes of the upscale The Domain shopping center in the North and the rich history and entertainment scene of Downtown Austin to the South. It is adjacent to major urban bike paths and the Crestview Station for a short, hassle-free commute. The newly rebuilt and highly desired Brentwood Elementary serves the community, and some of the best food in Austin is nearby with Tex Mex, BBQ, and Southern classics. This is quiet luxury close to the heartbeat of Austin. 

Mindful Design and Exceptional Style

1706 Karen Avenue | 5 BED | 4 BATH |  3502 SQFT

This home is built with the customer in mind – delivering to the homeowner what they value most. Designed with precision by the renowned local architects and design team using a selection of only the most high-performance materials, this home’s aesthetic reflects ease paired with luxury. The clean, modern style combines with stunning light fixtures, crafted hardware, and striking architectural features throughout for a tasteful ambience. It is understated luxury at its finest. 

Sanctuary of Peace & Creative Energy

1706 Karen Ave | 5 BEDS | 4 BATHS | 3502 SQFT

This home’s location and property-specific privacy features – from the placement of the windows to soundproofing and thoughtful landscaping – offer a customized haven for the energetic homeowner looking to unplug in an environment that re-energizes while it inspires. From gracious entertaining spaces to the outdoor beauty that stimulates creativity and innovative vision, this property’s environment cultivates the memories, relationships, and ideas that matter to the owner. It is a depth of living that renews. 

1706 Karen Avenue, Brentwood, Austin, TX 78757

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