sago homes

Uncomplicated and Uncompromising

 We are Harshal and Lauren, two executive minds with a vision for laid-back luxury that does not compromise on quality, functionality, or the type of best-in-class experience that we couldn’t find ourselves – so we created it.  

 Together, we develop beautifully modern homes for luxury homeowners with a design-minded passion and materials that stand the test of time.

 Our vision for Sago Homes started with remodeling and expanding older homes in Central Austin. We soon realized that we wanted to make our own home among the same neighborhoods whose beauty and energy was a creative force in our work. 

 From these experiences – leveraging our professional backgrounds – we saw the need for a development group that not only identified with the desires of up-market homeowners, but also refused to cut corners. We combined good taste and personal savvy to create the same laid-back luxe lifestyle for others that we created for ourselves.  

 Sago Homes is rooted in the values of quality, integrity, and an experience focused development process because we are motivated by the real people who, like ourselves, will live, love, and grow in our homes.

Our Why

We know and love the people of Austin – the ones we meet on our weekend golf outings, University of Texas sporting events, and while enjoying Downtown’s deeply delectable and eclectic cuisine – because we are one of them. 

Our favorite moments are the ones where an owner enters their finished home and envisions their life with our work framing the next chapter in their story. 

It is an honor to be part of that story, and this motivates us to continually look for ways to do things smarter and better. We commit ourselves to setting new standards for developer excellence because what is important to our homeowners is important to us.